“Everything you can imagine is real.”

Pablo Picasso


Imagina Pictures offers an array of film, video production and post-production services for corporate, commercial and entertainment clients. Our post-production services include Compositing, Digital Color Grading, 3D Animations, Editing, DCP Mastering, LTO Backup and Sound Design.


Imagina’s post-production equipment is top notch. From Compositing to Audio Design our team is equipped with the best software available. Their knowledge and expertise is driving them to achieve the best possible outcome for you and your project as fast as possible while maintaining the best quality.


Imagina is an official reseller of many products. Some of them include Avid, CalDigit, The Foundy, Proavio and Konvision among others. From software to storage solutions to monitors we can provide some of the best products available.

Featured Work

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Recent Projects

3D, Color Grading, Commercials, VFX
3D, Commercials, Motion Graphics, VFX
3D, Commercials, Motion Graphics
Commercials, Motion Graphics, VFX
Commercials, VFX
Commercials, Motion Graphics, VFX