Compositing & 2D Services

Imagina offers  suites with  Autodesk's Flame, Avid|DS HD and Nuke advanced  production systems. A real-time conforming, editing, compositing and finishing system, allow a fast completion of projects at every format you desire and the best quality possible. Imagina's editors and artists have the full control of a complete range of seamlessly integrated picture and audio editing, compositing, paint, animation, character generator and media management tools. Imagina features Remote Processing, that allows editors and artists to experiment and work with clients while intensive rendering is processed in the background.

Imagina provides also Avid suites  for non linear film editing.

3D Animation & Visual FX

Visual Effects (VFX) are the driving force in todays industry. Imagina has a spectrum of FX services available to demanding clients.

3D Animation - We do it all. From flying 3D-Logos to Character Animation to Photorealistic Rendering. Houdini and Autodesk|Softimage  are the most advanced non-linear animation 3D program today and Imagina's choice, from a quick pre-visualization up to the finished product.

Particle FX - create realistic moving and looking natural forces like Fire, Water and Air. Create Fireworks and Explosions.

Motion Tracking - combine any live footage from a moving camera with the power of 3D. Put virtual Characters and Objects into the real world. Create a virtual world around a real person. The posibilities are endless and bound only by imagination.

All VFX are created on powerful top of the line workstations, backed up by a renderfarm. Fast execution and delivery are important to ensure a smooth operation with the compositing department.


Imagina provides superior services for sound editing and design in all formats. Surround sound for commercials and 5.1 surround sound for movies create a new listening experience.

Tools like Avid ProTools provide a intuitive and integrated production environment. Imagina's skilled professionals provide a journey into sonic landscapes never heard before.

Our Hi-End Server (Fully database-driven) provides a large Online Sound and Music Library, which is accessible from every suite and workstation.

A Sound Booth gives the opportunity for quick and accurate recordings.


Color Correction is the last step in the creative process. Your vision and ideas become reality here. We have the equipment and the experience to turn every project, digital or film, into a unique cinematic experience. Imagina’s creative colorists are ready to work with you to enhance the feel, mood and look of your project. The colorists, together with the power of DaVinci's Resolve will be by your side to achieve the perfect look for your project. Our team, has created looks for some of the most demanding and creative features and  commercials.

When your project is ready, showcase it in our presentation room equipped with a color calibrated, top of the line, D-ILA projector.


Greece is a country located in Europe with unique locations, incredible sunlight and the perfect weather for shooting on location. The best time to shoot on location is between the months of March to October with temperatures in the 25-30°C (77-86°F) and plenty of natural light.

All of our services meet international standards from pre-production to delivering your finished product.

Greece is a natural gateway between Europe and Asia. It has a plethora of locations across different landscapes that are perfect for filming. You can go to gorgeous islands in the Aegean and Ionian Sea like Mykonos and Santorini, you can go to ancient landmarks such as the Parthenon on the Acropolis or other historical monuments and natural creations that will be like no other. No matter where you go, you can be sure the landscape will be gorgeous and like nothing you have ever seen before.

Why choose Greece:

  • Landscape Diversity: beautiful islands, snow-covered mountains, forests, lakes, sea and picturesque villages.
  • Three hundred days of sunshine per year, mild autumn and mild winter.
  • 6000 islands (227 inhabited). All islands are different from each other with their own colors and character.
  • Extensive network of public transport which makes getting around the country very easy.